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Golden Eagle Cartoon Satellite TV is the first HD cartoon satellite TV in China. It is enjoyed by more than 1billion people. Its audience rating ranks NO.1 in congener satellite TVs steadily. Hunan Golden Eagle Carton Media Co., Ltd. has created a new pattern of the integrated business for new media, which combines original animation, program production, IP industrialized merchandising and streaming together

动画 Animation




Sunny Girl NO.23 / 52episodes*13mins(26episodes/season,2seasons intotal)

Sunny Girl NO.23 is 3D animated TV series that features close to the theme of the times and reflects contemporary China’s society, families, and campus. The cartoon adopted the latest 3D techniques with 13 minutes length of each episode,26episodes per season,52 episodes in total. The leading character named Niu Naitang. Her name is in the combination of her Dad’s surname NIU and Mom’s surname TANG. she’s a student in primary school with student ID number 23, and coincidental, usually graded 23rd in exams. She’s not outstanding in grades, but you can easily figure her sincerity, warm-hearted, and kindness. She’s surrounded by a bunch of friends from different backgrounds with interesting characters. There are conflicts and quarrels in the children’s world, but there are more solidarity, positive energy, and love The cartoon selected Chinese families in different classes and brought profound thoughts and discussions with simple language to bring the audience gradually to realize that there are so many different forms of being excellent, having great school grades is only one of them.




Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea / 10series×18mins

Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea is an animation adapted from a well-known Chinese classic legend, it is a story about eight immortals who come down to the man’s world. They fight against the injustice to help out the people, show the world the true meaning of justice and love. With a total of 10 episodes, 18 minutes each. It is especially and deeply loved by kids from 6-12. It is a way for them to understand Chinese traditional culture and to get an idea of the concept of being loyal to friends, being open and kind to families, and being good to the rest of the world. The production of this animation first started in 2018, and has been broadcasted on Golden Eagle Cartoon Satellite TV in August 2019.

亲子节目 Parent-Child Program

超能说学院 Super Talk Academy

  • 2020年

  • 60分钟/期 共10期

  • 《超能说学院》是由金鹰卡通频道精心打造的全国首档少年语言成长进阶秀节目,旨在全国寻找“最会说话的孩子”,分享和传授语言表达技巧,让孩子“能说、会说、爱说”。朱丹、李诞、陈铭等多位人气老师,横跨主持、脱口秀、辩论各语言领域,分别带队经过层层对抗,决出总冠军和星光班级。


  • 2020


    Super Talk Academy is the first Chinese juvenile reality talk show about children’s language growth, which elaborately created by Golden Eagle Cartoon. It aims to look for the most talkative children nationwide, to share the techniques about language expression, to make children be good talking and love to talk. Many celebrities such as ZHU DAN, LI DAN, and CHEN MIN who are mainly in the language fields of the host, talk show and debate, leading children’s team separately to fight for the champion and star class in the show.

    The various settings of the program and the different styles of the three teachers guide the children in different directions, and also show the importance and the techniques of language training from different angles. It relates to current topics, such as the game set of the "super debate ", which presents a juvenile world full of new points and new topics to audiences in children’s language and perspectives. It provides them opportunities to express their thoughts from daily life, the parent-child relationship to the level of family education to their parents or even to the society, so that the world can hear the voice of teenagers.


麦咭小厨  Magee's Kitchen

  • 2019年

  • 60分钟/期 共10期

  • 《麦咭小厨》是金鹰卡通卫视2019年推出的原创亲子美食竞技成长秀,节目中,拥有厨艺技能的五名孩子集结在一起,他们在家长和飞行嘉宾的陪伴下,通过竞技的形式完成各种烹饪美食任务,最终蜕变成真正的“麦咭小厨神”。


  • 2019


    " Magee's Kitchen " is an original parent-child gourmet competition and growth show, which is launched by Golden Eagle cartoon Satellite TV in 2019. Accompanied by their parents and guests, five children with culinary skills gather together and complete a variety of culinary tasks in the form of competition, and then eventually become " Magee's little Chef".

    " Magee's Kitchen "is the first parent-child gourmet competition and growth show in China. Children and their parents to get the ingredients from nature and to create superb cuisines by using their fantastic cooking methods. The theme of cuisine is varied in the show, which is started from the most traditional common rice and tofu to upgraded to colorful and varied flavored excellent cuisines. Children achieved better skills in cooking and the long-lost time alone with their parents. This program is not only the best “competition of master Chef Junior” in China but also the best bridge for the parent-child relationship in modern society.


爱上幼儿园  I Love Kindergarten

  • 2015年起至今

  • 60分钟/期  10期/年

  • 《爱上幼儿园》是金鹰卡通卫视推出的大型原创宝贝成长观察秀节目。真实记录毫无荧屏经验的2 - 4岁幼儿和明星教师在幼儿园从开学到逐步适应各自身份转变的全过程。选定个性迥异又鲜明的十余位孩子组成全新的混合班级,与几位代表不同角度和年龄阶层的明星老师,在这个全新的幼儿园里开始他们的成长记录。


  • Since 2015


    ‘I Love Kindergarten’ is an original large-scaled children’s growth observation show launched by Golden Eagle cartoon Satellite TV. The show records the whole transformation process for 2-4 years old children who have no screen experiences and celebrity teachers of how they adapt to their new roles gradually since the beginning of the term in kindergarten. To make a fresh new mixed class with 10 or more children in distinctive personalities nationwide and several star teachers who represent different perspectives and ages. Their fresh new growth is recorded in a fresh new kindergarten.

    A selected parenting topic will be focused on in each episode, to observe and record children’s reactions of interesting and educational tasks, challenges and stories will be used to guide them to participate in the whole procedures. The audiences can notice obvious transformations of each child by the show. Moreover, there are professional analysis and comments from preschool experts in the show, they give their professional parenting guidance at the key part in the show, which extend out the educational topics that parents concerned and draw attentions in the society.


疯狂的麦咭  Crazy Magee

  • 2014年至今

  • 60分钟/期 12期/年

  • 一档引进自日本的大型明星亲子益智历险闯关真人秀类模式节目。金鹰卡通频道自2014年起对《疯狂的麦咭》进行制作更新。节目制作团队每年都会更新节目密室关卡,每一个密室都包括答题和闯关环节。

  • 《疯狂的麦咭》这档节目不仅考验个人的快速反应能力、体能更考验团队默契,在密室里闯关的嘉宾总是会遇到不同类型问题的考验。但这个节目与以往其他节目相比,不再表演和诠释别人的精彩,而更加真实的展示原原本本的自己,面对密室刺激的惩罚挑战,展示的自己真性情的一面也是《疯狂的麦咭》最大看点之一。作为金鹰卡通的王牌节目,它的收视率和口碑都表现十分突出。
  • Since 2014


     A celebrity and parent-child room escape adventure reality format show which originally introduced from Japan. Crazy Magee has been produced and recreated since 2014 by Hunan Golden Eagle Cartoon Channel. Games rooms renewed every season by its extraordinary and experimental produce team. In every locked room, there are questions and challenges that come with punishment and excitement. The show not only tests individual quick response capability and physical abilities but also tests teamwork. The guests always run into different challenges in the locked rooms. Compared to other shows, this show is not about other people‘s awesomeness but is about the guests themselves. One of the highlights of Crazy Magee is the guests facing the challenges in the locked rooms and staying true to themselves. As the top show of the channel, it always performed excellently both in audience ratings and reputations.


龙的传人  Magee's Kitchen

  • 2017年

  • 60分钟/期 共10期

  •   《龙的传人》是金鹰卡通卫视倾情打造的中国首档亲子国学传承节目,旨在孩子们中传承和发扬诗词等国学文化精华。



  • Since 2017


    ‘The Descendants of Dragon’ is a parent-child show of the inheritance of Chinese ancient studies in China launched by Golden Eagle Cartoon Satellite TV which aims to inherit and to develop the essence of traditional culture among children.

    The show compromises the merits of Chinese ancient studies and games perfectly with strong novelty, participatory and interactive fun.

    With the main theme concept of ‘the land of Chinese ancient studies’, the fresh new quiz bank of it is composed with Idioms, poems, Chinese characters and common knowledge of Chinese studies, and the refresh new added physical sensory quiz game set has an interesting punishment, all above make the contestants pleasant in answering questions on the spot. The show changed the common forms of quiz shows, it originally created the cartoon questioning form which presents the questions by cartoons. Children can learn the knowledge of Chinese ancient culture through the games and changeable question types full of childishness and playfulness fun.


运动不一样  Funny Games

  • 2017年

  • 60分钟/期 共10期

  •   《运动不一样》是中国首档青少年趣味运动竞技节目,节目及时洞察到了体育运动对青少年成长的重要性,将校园体育课拓展到了综艺节目当中,借此丰富青少年的体育锻炼形式,为青少年健康成长营造良好的文化氛围。




  • Since 2017


    ‘Funny Games’ is the first nationwide teenage interesting competitive sports show in China.The show attached importance to the sports to teenagers ‘s growth ,it makes the PE classes from campus into the variety show which enriched the forms of physical exercises and created a better culture atmosphere of healthy growth for teenagers.

    The games in each episode are tailor-made for the world champions in different sports ,in which makes the exercising just like playing games.The competition teams will be participated in the unit of cities and the show will select the best pupil in sports from each city.In the competing process against the world champions, the contestants not only catch a glimpse of the contemporary athletes, learned from their fearless competitive spirit, but also released their true state by bravery uniting by working with their teammates.


人偶总动员  The Adventure of Puppets

  • 2016年至今

  • 60分钟/期 共10期

  •   《人偶总动员》是金鹰卡通卫视推出的中国首档真人偶秀。节目中由金鹰卡通打造的专属人偶IP,搭配积极向上,青春阳光,充满正能量的明星艺人,并在明星艺人的守护、陪伴、协助下,走入人类社会体验各种职业角色,完成不同的生活任务,开启一段趣味横生、窘态百出的“奇遇记”。  



  •  Since2016


    ‘The Adventure of Puppets’ is the first mascot character reality show in China launched by Golden Eagle Cartoon Satellite TV. The mascot characters in the show are created by Golden Eagle Cartoon Channel exclusively. Partnering with active, young and energetic celebrities to experience different occupations and to fulfill different life targets under their protection and assistance. To initiate an interesting and adorable adventure.

    ‘The Adventure of Puppets’ aims to build a relax and pleasant atmosphere for audiences by its adorable mascot images, unique job experiments , interesting games and the conduction of celebrities with positive energy to release all people from pressure.


中国新声代  Let's Sing Kids

  • 2013年至2018年

  • 60分钟/期 共12期/季

  • 《中国新声代》是金鹰卡通卫视自2013年起推出的一档原创大型儿童歌唱类节目。节目主要面向6周岁到14周岁的青少年儿童,直面中国孩子 “无歌可唱”、无属于自己的歌可唱的社会困境,以“听孩子唱歌,为孩子写歌”为口号,关注少儿,关注中国音乐未来。



  • Since 2013—2018


    Let’s Sing Kids is an original large-scaled children’s singing program launched by Golden Eagle Cartoon Satellite TV since 2013.The show is mainly oriented to 6 to 14 years old children and teenagers with its slogan of ‘ listen to children’s singing and write songs for children’ which is focused on teenagers and future Chinese music to help them with the dilemma of having no their own song to sing for Chinese children.

    The show has been produced for five seasons. The influential musicians in Chinese music world act as tutors and build a class together with children who love music.The aim of the show is for kids to be accompanied by music tutors and growing up with music happily,to discover children’s talent in music and to look for the best children’s voice of our time by adapting ,creating classical songs fashionably in multiple presenting ways such like Chorus, singing in turns and competitive singing. There is no compete,no PK and no elimination in the show.The most important is the surprisingly amazing voices in the show made all audiences see the future of Chinese Music from their sincere and spectacular singing.





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